Who Else (Prod. J Dooley)

from by Bars



It's Bars in the middle of the night on a steady loop
Going nowhere fast already deployed 80 heavy troops
Big responsibilities so boss I need a heavy suit
Rooted but your bag Canal this yellow gold a heavy tooth
Truth be new so spit be cute in the booth a loose hit
Freaked out every angle
Always on my floop shit
Fashion killer it’s a scene cameras capture havoc
I don’t ever carry weight my whole team just mad thick

We takin over like
Who else ?

Twice nice overpriced
Light rice wing sauce
Spice up tha slice
Slit the single and sing boss
Floss smooth selective
Sample scarf silk cloth
Slipped along the east coast
Cashmere mink tote
goats antelopes Artichokes
with the the chili flakes
Half baked in the morning
And he whipping in a city state
Screeching round the corner
Bent up in a Diddy shake
Backflips in a Bluetooth
Bring it on when the city quake

We takin over like
Who else ?


from 2 MISSED CALLS, released September 12, 2017




Bars Montclair, New Jersey

My real name is Bar S
I do this rap thing

Made in Israel
Bred in Jersey
Based in Brooklyn

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